Character perks represent conventional talent, skills or resources such as skill with firearms or your academic knowledge. Your Core Identity will affect which perks you may buy and to what rank.

Martial Perks

These perks represent your skill at arms. Not everyone has the time, or the inclination to use conventional weaponry however.

Mentalists disdain conventional weaponry as they find it limiting, and frankly boring, they may only take the first rank of Martial perks.

Maesters recognise that on occasion a gun may be a more suitable weapon for the situation than a fireball; and swords can be a useful defence. They can take up to the second rank Martial perks.

Egos do not suit magic well, and their own talents give somewhat limited offensive options. As such many Egos practice regularly with conventional weapons. They are not limited in the ranks they can take.


1 May use simple one handed pistols
2 May use complex pistols such as automatics and hand cannons
3 May use rifle sized weapons or dual wield pistols


1 May claim benefit from light armour
2 May claim benefit from medium armour and may also wield a buckler or targe up to 40 CM in diameter
3 May claim benefit from heavy armour and may also wield a shield of any size


1 Small weapons no longer than 30 CM in length
2 Single handed weapons up to 100 CM in length
3 May use two handed weapons of any, reasonable, length. May also dual wield any single handed weapon.


1 May construct and use crude explosives such as a Molotov or pipe bomb
2 May construct and use simple explosives such as hand grenades
3 May construct and use complex explosives such as Plastic explosives

Academic Perks

These Perks represent formal training in sciences, mathematics and a variety of other fields. These perks do not have the same immediate benefit as Martial Perks, as they are more use in Downtime.

Egos have the least academically rigorous path to power, their focus is almost entirely inward. The understanding they do have of the Dreamscape is usually instinctual or spiritual in nature . They may only take the first rank of Academic Perks

Mentalists whilst employing Magic take a fairly brute force approach, relying more on strength of will than complicated mathematics. Whilst they may, begrudgingly, accept that study is necessary, they are usually too restless, or drug addled, to make much success of it. They can take up to the second rank of Academic Perks.

Maesters are the undisputed masters of the sciences, they after all pioneered the research into the Dreamscape. They are not limited in the ranks they can take.


1 Proficient amateur, basic understanding of the complex principles of the Aether
2 Professional understanding, a good and thorough understanding.
3 PHD level, advanced and specialised knowledge, could be a lecturer on the subject


1 A working understanding of Emotion
2 A good understanding of Emotion, capable of harvesting small amounts
3 Extensive knowledge of Emotion, capable of harvesting it effectively


See the Equipment section for the full rules on Instrumentum

1 Whilst all Maesters own a wand, they can’t perform magic without one, you have begun to embellish and improve yours with additional features.
2 You may now own and operate a Rod style Instrumentum
3 You may now own and operate a Staff style Instrumentum

Archetype Perks

These Perks representing channelling an ideal or concept to alter and enhance your Identity. In this regard it functions much like races in other games.

Corpus Craft Perks

The art of Corpus Craft is a dark one, seen by many as wholly unnatural perversions of body and mind. Unlike Archetype channelling which refines and improves ones self image, Corpus Craft is direct alteration of ones body to force a change in Identity. This is done through a variety of drugs, surgery and more esoteric procedures.

Maesters typically see Corpus Craft as a vile corruption and an attempt to gain before one has the responsibility to wield it. Their identities also lack the infusion of Aether that anchors the craft. They may only take the first rank of Corpus Craft Perks.

Egos occasionally frown up this dark art, but many recognise its use. Their bodies suffused with the Aether, though not to the same extent as a Mentalist, allows them some benefit from it. They make take up to the second rank of Corpus Craft Perks.

Mentalists owe their existence to Corpus Craft, turning their bodies into living conduits for the Aether. It is natural for them to carry on down the dark path that spawned them. They are not limited in the ranks they can take.


1 All Mentalists are sustained by a cocktail of Analgesics, Immunosuppressants, Antipsychotics and more esoteric drugs designed to enhance the sensitivity of the human body to the Aether. By increasing dosage an increase in power can be achieved, at the cost of health and life expectancy.
2 Rather than using drugs to manage and control mania and psychosis, they can be given to induce it. As a large part of magic is the will to use it, delusions of omnipotence can be useful
3 The human body has numerous limiters in place to prevent damage in everyday situations. There are also means to suppress them allowing extraordinary feats of endurance in dire circumstance. By artificially mimicking this mechanism the body can be driven to work at peak performance at all times. This is incredibly taxing on the body.


1 The implants that are the primary receivers of Primogen are often poorly designed, second or third hand, and inefficient. Simple mechanical improvements to form and efficiency provide a larger throughput.
2 Though it comes at a cost of mobility and comfort, more extensive implants allow even larger amount of Aether to be tapped.
3 Extensive knowledge of Emotion, capable of harvesting it effectively


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