Introduction to the Dreamscape and Aether

“any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”
Arthur C Clarke

The Aether was a tremendous success, and a great failure. The Dreamscape has given us all a gateway to the human soul, but many are finding they don’t agree with what they find.

It all started four years ago with the discovery of the Primogen particle. Just as a stem cell is a blank slate capable of maturing into any tissue or cell in the body, Primogen was found to be the fundamental particle, capable of decaying into any form of energy or primitive particle. Efficient means of their production, capture and transmission were devised. Oxford as the seat of learning become the test bed for a massive project into their research. Great pylons were erected throughout the city for the mass projection of the Primogen particle, the Aetherscape as it was called.

It’s purpose was to provide the city with an efficient and cheap means of power distribution, but it became so much more.

As the technology improved the antennas for its reception become smaller and smaller. Whilst at first only large buildings could make use of the system, soon trains and individual houses could be powered. Then cars and motorcycles and finally, antennas that could be carried by a single person. Suddenly one person could channel the fundamental forces of the universe.

It was also around this time that another property of the Primogen particle was discovered, it was pyschoreactive, it responded to human thought. In the intervening years the Aether had been taking an imprint of the collective subconscious of the city. And we learnt how to travel there. This Dreamscape, as it came to be known, mirrored not only the city, but the hopes, dreams and fears of its inhabitants.

It is here that the game takes place, as the players strive to forge their own legacy, and gain supremacy over the Dream.

Introduction to the Dreamscape and Aether

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