Gang Creation

Gang culture

The first and most important choice for a gang is their culture. This shapes the look and feel of the gang, and affects how it behaves in Downtime. Your group should pick one of these cultures as the core of the gang. Each Culture is attached to a Core Identity, which suggests the most common member, but it is not exclusive. The culture will affect the sort of NPC’s that are attracted to the gang, so the majority of the gang, but not all, will be of the Identity associated with that culture. The precise details of this will be given later in the chapter, but we will suggest how they play here to help inform your decision
It is suggested that for a balanced spread of skills you include some other Identity’s into your player group. They still have the same culture as the rest of the group, but it is viewed from their unique set of skills.

For example you may decide to make a Neo-Totemic wolf pack. In this group a Maester might take the role of a Seer or Shaman, guiding the pack with his divinations and communing with the spirits of the Aether. A Mentalist might be seen as a Berserker, channelling the fury of nature to smite the packs foes. A Strong-Arm group based on the Italian Mafia might have the Don played by a Maester acting as the brains of the operation, whilst the other players are Egos, acting as the muscle.

Each Culture comes with Perks ,each player in that Culture will receive these perks for free, as well as their usual allotment. They also represent the typical talents of the NPC Gangers, what they will also train hardest in and excel most at.

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The Gangs of Oxford

Ego gangs

Ego gangs are, obviously, the toughest and most resilient. They are excellent on the defensive and have great staying power. Removing an Ego gang from an area is not an easy task. Their skills usually lend themselves to extortion, theft and any task that can be carried out with a heavy hand.

Crusaders ~ Styled after the crusaders of old they take to the Dreamscape to enact what they see as God’s righteous fury.

Neo-Totemic ~ Not all Ego’s see perfection in human form, many have come to venerate Alpha Predators such as Wolves, big cats or birds of prey. They form packs, roving the Dreamscape, seeking to prove themselves.

Strong-Arms ~ Whether it be the Mafia, the Triads or one of a dozen other criminal syndicates and gangs, they all look for hired muscle.

Red Menace ~ Outside the Aether the Communists are often careful to hide their presence in the city. In the Dreamscape their burning passion for their Motherland is plain to see, and they see no reason to hide it.

Mentalist Gangs

Pulp Heroes ~ The Golden age of Sci-Fi made manifest

Maester Gangs

Swords and Sorcery

The Invisible College

Gang Creation

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